Fiona Muller 

B. Soc. Sci Counselling (CCAA, PACFA): Fiona’s heart is for each person to live a life full of hope and purpose. To help provide tools for healthy relationships, and to offer a safe space to explore how to restore balance throughout the challenges of life.

Fiona is a registered Clinical Counsellor, and has been journeying alongside individuals and couples over the last 12 years. As Fiona has been married for 25 years, now with two young adults, her own experiences have given her a greater understanding and empathy of the many challenges and losses that life brings.
Rachel Whitton
BBehSci ( Psych ), MCouns (MCCAA, PACFA): Rachel’s counselling approach is warm and non-judgmental. She works with individuals, couples and families. Your counselling sessions will focus on the things that matter to you and what you feel you need. She actively works towards creating a safe and connected therapeutic relationship with you and tries to inject hope or clarity, where you feel you may need it.
Rachel is a qualified and registered professional counsellor and has been a helping professional for over 13 years. She raises three wonderful children with her husband and enjoys living in the Redlands and quiet time by the water.